About us and our goals

Abadgaran Company

Abadgaran Arseyeh Khak Consulting Engineering Company was established in 2009 and started its professional activity in the field of technical and engineering services in various fields like buildings, facilities, lines and water and sewage refinery plants. This consulting engineering Company, with the help of experienced staff of relevant specialists, along with the necessary facilities and equipment, and obtaining valid international licenses and certificates, has taken steps towards the development of Islamic Iran as much as possible. Abadgaran Company believes that by relying on its potentials and creative and constructive abilities of its employees, it can compete effectively in the market. The company strives to provide desirable services and demands in a way that focuses on the interests of employers, investors and the community. Abadgaran Company commits to not spare any effort and uses all the challenges and resources and provides the most worthy and effective services to individuals and organizations; It has also always been a pioneer in innovating and presenting new solutions and has expanded the scope of its activities by using new technologies.  Our goal is that in long term period,  based on knowledge and honesty provide the highest economic benefits to the employers, employees, fundraisers and communities in which we operate and try to meet this end by increasing the value of the company.